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We know that food, like people, have many styles so we cook food that people from different backgrounds and have different dietary goals, can identify with. We offer portion controlled meals subject to variations so you can have options for healthier choices, as well as delicious comfort foods.



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The Chef

Stanley Grenardo began cooking at the age of twelve. Why? Well he was sent away from his mother and grandmother to live with his father at that age. His father loved him very much but he was no cook. He didn’t cook much, he barely cooked at all. He would heat up frozen food for Stanley and himself and would occasionally bake a whole chicken. Longing for the delicious home cooked meals his mother and grandmother use’d to make, Stanley decided he needed to learn how to cook the things he loved to eat. During his weekend visits with his mom and grandma he began taking cooking lessons from his grandma learning how to cook everything from fried chicken to oxtail stew. That’s were his love for cooking began and has continued to keep growing down to this day!

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